In the United States alone, 6,870 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents were emitted into the air in 2014. Unfortunately, that number is continually increasing every year. It takes less than 10 minutes for light from the sun to reach earth; pollution can obscure the sun’s rays from making it to us.
With Colorado being one of the top 5 sunniest states, considering solar as an option to help the environment as well as your pocket book is a no brainer. One household with a solar panel system can decrease pollution by 100 tons of CO2 in its lifetime, including the energy it took to produce the solar panels.
Reducing our carbon output will improve the air quality for future generations, as well as millions of fish, mammals, and birds that are negatively affected by pollution each year.
We recycle, we emission check our vehicles, we teleconference, we use energy and water efficient appliances…. What’s stopping us from switching to solar?

By Sara James