Have you noticed black panels mounted all over the city? Roof top or ground mounted, on homes, apartments, buildings, shopping malls, marinas, and carports. Some help promote action against climate change, others use renewable energy in their home, while others drive Teslas.

Celebrities may have a reputation for being superficial, but there are plenty who care about more important things than the line of Louis Vuitton or the latest diet craze. Quite a few have their priorities straight and the world is gradually becoming a greener, cleaner place with their outspoken environmental activism. Whether it’s making movies about it or speaking publicly, the word of how beneficial solar panels are for the environment is spreading.

Ed Begley, Jr.

Ed Begley, Jr.

There is a Solar program in Los Angeles that donates rooftop solar panels for free to low income households every time a celebrity purchases a solar system. Whether its joining a solar neighbors program, using a bicycle that generates electricity for a toaster, speaking publicly, powering an entire movie production with solar energy, transforming an island to a self-sustained oasis, protesting, monetary contributions, or just installing solar energy for their own home, many celebrities and well-known individuals are taking a forward step in supporting an effort towards green energy.

Here are some Celebrities that are involved in the movement:

·         Leonardo Dicaprio

·         Mark Ruffalo

·         Julia Roberts

·         Cate Blanchett

·         Johnny Depp

·         Author Van Jones

·         Salma Hayek

·         Owen Wilson

·         Tom Hank

·         Brad Pitt

·         Scarlet Johansson

·         Woody Harrelson

·         Tom Brady

·         Lisa Ling

·         Sir Richard Branson

·         Jason Mraz

·         Ed Begley Jr.

·         Al Gore

·         Alice Waters

·         Jack Johnson

·         Weird Al Yankovic

·         Rachel McAdams

·         Robert Reford

·         Edward Norton

·         Daryl Hannah

·         Danny DeVito

·         Pierce Brosnan

·         Don Cheadle

·         Jim Carrey

·         Will Ferrell

·         Ian Somerholder

·         Alicia Silverstone