Many people across the world are starting to explore solar panels as a different energy and earth saving option. Of course, the best place for these panels are on your roof which can be a complex project. There are several mounting systems that can be used to install solar panels onto a roof. These mounting systems may differ from your neighbor’s depending on the size, shape, and shingles on your roof.

Direct mount is the most common way to get solar panels on your roof. The way this works is by placing the mounts about four feet apart on the rafters. Holes are drilled into the rafters and secured with steel bolts and the surrounding area is sealed. The solar panels are then fastened to the mount and connected to the electrical supply.

Ground Framework is a different type of installation that occurs when a roof might not be suitable for direct mounted solar panels. In this situation, they are installed onto the ground either on tracks to follow the sun or in a fixed position. This is a good option if you have wide open space with a view of the horizon from sunrise to sunset.

Asphalt shingle, Metal, Cedar shake, slate or Spanish tiles – Concerned about attaching solar panels to your roof and how it works? There are diverse types of attachment techniques dependent on what material your roof is.

  • Asphalt composite shingles are relatively easy as the installer just needs to find the rafters to attach the flashing which is sealed up with a long-life sealant.
  • Metal roofs are the easiest to work with as there will be no penetration to the roof as the solar mounting clamps are attached to the seams.
  • Wood shake roofs are cut and drilled into as the flashing is extended far underneath the tiles higher on the roof, the actual installation of the mounts isn’t that complicated
  • While additional labor may be required with clay or stone tile roofs, the mounts and flashing are installed by removing the tiles and making cuts or grooves in the tiles so they don’t contact the mounting hardware.

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