Solar Power Surpassing Coal – All over the Globe

The cost of solar panels slowly declines as time passes, within 4 years it will be cheaper then coal all over the globe, aligning environment and economic interests. Solar energy is expected to drop 66% by 2040. There are currently 300 more solar jobs than coal jobs in the first time of Virginia history.  The [...]

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What kind of roofs work with Solar?

Many people across the world are starting to explore solar panels as a different energy and earth saving option. Of course, the best place for these panels are on your roof which can be a complex project. There are several mounting systems that can be used to install solar panels onto a roof. These mounting [...]

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How to find Power in a Cloudy Sky

Solar panels can provide incredible value even in cloudy climates. The most famous international example of this is Germany. While getting about as much sun each year as Alaska does, Germany is currently 2nd in world for solar as an energy source. In 2015, more than 1.5 million solar installations generated about 75% of Germany’s [...]

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The Trees Do It, You Should Too

The entire world uses solar energy every day. Trees utilize sunshine for photosynthesis, humans need sunlight for Vitamin D, rain is created through evaporation initiated by the sun’s rays. Photovoltaic solar (solar panels) is simply a new way to utilize the same energy. There are two main ways to capture solar energy, active and passive. [...]

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