Our Process

Simple and Streamlined Process for Your Home Solar Panel Power System

A Thorough, Accurate Quote

We create a 100% customized preliminary design for your home's solar panels. We take every detail into consideration using satellite imagery and advanced solar design software to provide you with a accurate quote that includes:

  • 2D Model
  • Lidar Data
  • Irradiance maps
  • Shade analysis
  • 3D Rendering
  • Performance Models
In-Person Consultation
consultationDuring this stage of the process, one of our Solar Experts will come to your home to review your custom solar design with you with a focus on full transparency. We teach you how solar will work for you and discuss financing and payment options for your individual system.
installationThis is where we send our engineers to your property to evaluate the site in person. They will take precise measurements and engineer a complete system that will work for your home.
Professional Installation
homeWe back our Solar Solutions for a Lifetime to produce produce clean, efficient power for your home. We are committed to an expert installation process you can trust. That is why we only partner with installers that are accredited with the NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification.
Enjoy All the Benefits of Solar Energy
saveRebates and incentives make installing solar panels very affordable for Colorado homeowners, and you will start seeing the savings in your monthly energy bill right away!

You can see our very detailed process that we go through with homeowners and how it makes us so different from other solar companies in Denver. Our process also sets us apart from competitors because we avoid the generic solutions that many other companies utilize. Each solution is customized to the house and customer that we’re working with and offers a customized customer approach at each step in the installation process.

Our knowledge of the Denver area is what helps make our process more unique (especially when compared to national chains). We know the varying weather that residents of Denver encounter each year and what kind of effect it can have on a residential solar energy system. We can walk you through common pitfalls or problem areas that are unique to the terrain of Denver and help avoid those in the installation process.